What Are Holistic Pet Health Products?
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What Are Holistic Pet Health Products?


In recent years pet owners are hearing a new word in regards to pet foods and pet care products, that word is “Holistic”, and many people are confused by the meaning of this word. Indeed the word Holistic can have many different meanings.

A holistic food might be one that contains only “whole” ingredients, whole grains, and so forth, however holistic health products are different. The word holistic as it refers to a health product means a product that treats the “whole” being, be it a human, cat, dog, or whatever. In other words holistic health treats physical and mental aspects of health.

Holistic healing is often considered as being an alternative to traditional healing methods. Most holistic health products are also natural, non-invasive, and not pharmaceutical. Surgery and other drugs are considered as a last resort, with the natural remedies being preferred.

Holistic health products for cats and dogs include things such as aroma therapy, herbs added to the pet's diet, and so forth.

Only Natural Pet Stores have many natural holistic pet products including a range of holistic health products.

One such product that is helpful for reducing stress is Only Natural Pet Phero-Soothe, which comes in formulas for cats and dogs. This product uses natural pheromones and can help dogs who have separation anxiety or cats who are urinating in the house due to stress.

Only Natural Pet Stores have many holistic herbal products to help pets with problems related to aging, such as arthritis. Two herbal products for this purpose are Nature's Herbs for Pets Joint Relief and Organic Pet Superfood JOINTS which uses many organically grown mushrooms and egg shell membrane.

Only Natural Pet Stores also have several products for pets who are prone to urinary health concerns and problems. One example of this is Only Natural Pet Chinese Herbal Blends Bladder which uses a variety of Chinese herbs to help keep the pet's urinary tract in good health and free of crystals.

Skin issues are also a common concern in some pets. While many of these issues can be solved by making a diet change some pets just always seem to have chronically bad skin and an holistic product such as Skin Balance from Health Concerns, made for cats and dogs, and distributed by Only Natural Pet Stores, can be of aid. This product contains Chinese herbs and reduces the itchiness of the pet's skin and is said to treat other skin conditions such as eczema and hives.

Tips for Using Holistic Remedies for Cats and Dogs

Using holistic remedies can help your pet however it is also important to get a proper diagnosis for your pet's health from a veterinarian. 

Holistic remedies should be used as part of the whole healing process for the pet.  Also consider the pet's food, and environment the pet is living in, when treating your pet for any condition.

To learn more about natural healing, natural health products, and holistic products for pets, please visit Only Natural Pet Stores

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