Vegetarian Dog Foods from Only Natural Pet Store
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Vegetarian Dog Foods from Only Natural Pet Store


Many pet owners wonder about making their pet into a vegetarian. They may select this lifestyle for their pet due to themselves being vegetarian, or often because their pet has problems eating meat.

It should be noted that cats cannot survive on a vegetarian diet. Cats require taurine and the vegetarian diet does not provide this and does not meet a cat's nutritional needs in many other areas. However, dogs can be fed a vegetarian diet and tend to do quiet well if the diet itself is good quality.  Be aware that many commercial dog foods are not good quality, they may use chemicals and unhealthy ingredients.

Not just any vegetarian diet will do for dogs. You cannot simply feed a dog corn and apples and expect it to do well. A proper vegetarian diet for dogs should be selected from a reputable company, or designed with the help of a professional pet nutritionist.

Good vegetarian dog foods are very hard to find.  Only Natural Pet specializes in healthy, natural, dog foods and they do sell some excellent quality vegetarian dog foods.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Allergy Formula Dog Food

L.I.D stands for “limited ingredient dry”. This food line is made for dogs with allergies or ingredient sensitivities. They have many formulas, one of which is their Vegetarian Dog Food (actually they state that it also qualifies as a Vegan food). The main ingredients are ground brown rice, oatmeal, and pearled barley.

Although many people think of soy when they think of vegetarian foods, Natural Balance Vegetarian dog food does not contain soy because soy is a common problem ingredient for some dogs. Soy causes some dogs to have hot spots or behavior problems.

Natural Balance L.I.D Vegetarian dog food comes in three sizes, 5 lbs, 15lbs, and 28 lbs. You should only buy enough food to last for one month because naturally preserved foods are better when fresh and do not have as long of a shelf life as those preserved with chemicals.

Honest Kitchen Preference Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food

This food was originally intended to be used as a base, where people could buy the food and then add raw meat to it. However the food itself is nutritionally sound enough to be fed to dogs as a vegetarian meal. It must be rehydrated by adding water before it is served.

The main ingredients in Honest Kitchen Preference Grain-Free dog food are alfalfa, sweet potatoes, and cabbage.

Many people are vegetarians because it is more environmentally friendly than eating meat, and as such it is important to note that Honest Kitchen uses eco-friendly packaging. As well all dog owners will be pleased to know that dehydrated food retains all its nutritional qualities.

Facts about Feeding Vegetarian Food to Dogs

Pregnant and lactating dogs should have meat in their diet if they are not allergic to it.

Puppies who are not allergic to meat should have some meat in their diet at least until they are fully grown.

Dogs should be transitioned to a vegetarian diet slowly.

Only Natural Pet has a great Auto-Ship program where pet owners can have their dog food sent to them automatically, when you join this program you will also save money on your dog's food.

Get 10% off Pet Food from Only Natural Pet

Even if your dog is not a vegetarian, Only Natural Pet, is a good source for healthy, natural, pet foods and products.

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