Natural Ways to Control Fleas and Ticks on Cats and Dogs
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Natural Ways to Control Fleas and Ticks on Cats and Dogs


Fleas and ticks are small insects that can cause many problems for pets. Fleas not only make a pet itchy but they can also spread tapeworm. Ticks have the ability to spread Lyme disease to pets and people. As such if you are a pet owner it is only natural that you would want to find a solution to controlling these small parasite pests.

There are many products that are used to control fleas and ticks but not all are safe or effective. Many of the over-the-counter flea and tick products have caused pet deaths even when used correctly. In addition the flea collar itself is not particularly effective at controlling fleas from anywhere other than the head and neck area of the pet. As well the chemicals used in these products has been suspected of contributing to cancer in pets.

The next best option is therefore the flea and tick control medications offered from the veterinarian. These are safer for use as they do not contain the same potentially dangerous ingredients as the over-the-counter-products, but some pet owners still prefer a more natural way of dealing with fleas and ticks.

Indeed there are many natural remedies that work to control fleas and ticks.  Sometimes a pet owner might want to use a combination of methods to control fleas and ticks; Only Natural Pet Stores has a huge assortment of safe, natural, products that control fleas and ticks on pets and in your yard.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a sort of silica dust that actually cuts up the little pests without hurting the cat or dog. It works great to control fleas in the home too as it can be sprinkled in cracks on floorboards (in the dog house too) and other places where flea hide and breed. Diatomaceous earth can also be used in the yard. Diatomaceous earth is available from Only Natural Pet Stores, if you are buying from other sources be sure the product is safe for pets or is “food-grade” diatomaceous earth because some is not safe to use on pets.

Brewer's Yeast and Garlic

Brewer's yeast and garlic are effective at preventing fleas when fed to a pet, however there are concerns with the giving garlic to pets in that it can cause anemia. As such people should not give garlic to their cats or dogs unless in a proper regulated amount (pill form with attention paid to the weight of the pet and dosage) and only when fleas are an actual problem. Only Natural Pet Stores carry products that contain brewer's yeast and garlic and help control fleas and ticks.

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil is available for use on the lawn and in the garden for killing fleas and eggs. It is available as Cedarcide PCO Choice Organic Yard Pest Control from Only Natural Pet Stores and controls other insect pests as well, such as mosquitoes and flies. It should not be applied if you are using beneficial insects (such as ladybird beetles) to control other insects. This product is applied by attaching the container to your hose and spraying your yard. It is not applied to the pet itself.

Flea Comb

You can remove fleas by hand by taking your pet into a well lit room, or outside in the sun, and comb through its coat with a flea comb. The flea comb will catch eggs and some fleas. Any fleas you see should be removed, stuck to tape, and disposed of.

Ultrasonic Sound

There are several electronic devices that work to thwart off fleas. These use no chemicals, have no odor, and instead simply emit sound waves that disturb fleas and ticks while being silent, and harmless, to humans and pets. Only Natural Pet Stores sells a few products of this type including the TickLess Pet Ultrasonic Flea and Tick Pendant.

Geraniums, Peppermint, and Marigolds

A few plants, such as geraniums, peppermint, and marigolds, have long been used in gardens to keep biting insects away. A few plants wont really make a difference, quite a lot are needed before gardeners really notice a difference, but oils from these plants can be used on pets to control fleas,ticks, and even mosquitoes. Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Squeeze on is a product that uses Geranoil (made from geranium oil) which is said to be far more effective at getting rid of fleas and other insects than citronella. This product is for dogs only.

About Only Natural Pet Stores

If you are looking for natural flea and tick control products you will find many to pick from at Only Natural Pet Stores, all have detailed information about the product, how it works, and why it is good for your pet.  They do not only have products for controlling fleas and ticks they also have health pet foods, supplements, holistic pet products, and natural pet toys.

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